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Fast Poker

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Dealing in fast fun.

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No time to dilly dally? Fast Poker is a fast-action game of three-card poker played with a standard 52-card deck. The player is pitted against an invisible dealer with the goal of getting a three-card poker hand that outranks the dealer’s. Fast Poker also offers an additional side bet for that extra chance to win big!

Loss Limits Notice

It is possible for your actual losses in this game to be greater than the dollar amount you set for your Casino Loss Limit. Casino Loss Limits are checked only at the time of your first bet for each hand and not for subsequent bets in the hand. See our FAQs for more information.

How to play

Read Official Game Rules

Return to player

On average, this game pays back a percentage of all money wagered on it:

  • Ante bet:  96.63%
  • Pair + bet:  97.68%
  • Combined bet:  97.16%

Note: As this type of game has an element of skill, its payback percentage is calculated based on computer simulations using an optimal playing strategy.