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About Banking

To play with real money, you’ll be guided through a few easy steps: Register, set your Weekly Deposit Limit, make a deposit and you’re off.

To make a deposit or withdrawal, click the Cashier tab. After you log in, look for it in the top right-hand corner.


Depositing money

You’ve set your Weekly Deposit Limit; you’re ready to play. But first you must make a deposit into your PlayOLG account using Visa Debit, Visa Credit, MasterCard, Debit MasterCard or INTERAC® Online payment.

Your deposit is processed on the spot, so you can get gaming. And, if you do have any questions, you can always contact Player Support.

Want more info on Visa Debit, Visa Credit, MasterCard, Debit Mastercard or INTERAC Online payments? Find out more about our deposit methods.

New to PlayOLG? Simply register, deposit and play!


Withdrawing money

Withdrawals from your PlayOLG account are made through Electronic Funds Transfer and are deposited directly into your bank account within 3-5 business days provided you have a verified bank account registered. Registering a bank account is only required once provided you keep the account registered.  This makes future withdrawals quick and easy.

To register your bank account, you will need to know your bank institution, transit and account numbers and upload supporting documentation to PlayOLG for verification. We aim to verify this information within 24 hours depending on the volume of requests.  We also conduct additional identity verifications at this step and require a document that includes your name, address, an in some cases, date of birth.

The documents you provide can be a copied, downloaded, scanned or electronic image (photo) of an original record.  They must be authentic, valid and current within the past 2 months and they must be of good enough quality to allow us to verify that they are true copy of an original. If they appear to be altered or if all necessary information cannot be verified, they will not be accepted.  If there are any issues with the information you provide, we will reach out via email.

The banking documents typically accepted are:

Void cheques, Processed Cheques or electronic void cheques
Bank Statements downloaded from your bank’s website
Direct Deposit form that have been stamped by your bank

Examples of typical documents supporting your identity are:

Driver’s license
Utility bills such as a gas bill, electricity bill, water bill, or phone bill
Statements or certificates such as Insurance statement, Mortgage statement, CPP statement or Property tax statement.

For more information, check out our Banking FAQ section or get in touch with Player Support.