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Banking FAQs

Q Are lottery subscriptions purchased using the same account as other PLAYOLG products?
Q Does PlayOLG charge additional fees when I deposit?
Q Why aren’t withdrawals sent to my bank account straight away?
Q What can I do if I’m having a problem making a deposit?
Q What payment methods do you accept?
Q Can I change my credit card or method of payment?
Q What is 3D Secure?
Q Is my credit card information stored?
Q Who has access to my banking information?
Q Do I have the option not to have OLG store my credit card information?
Q What currencies do you accept?
Q Once I deposit money, how long before I can start playing?
Q Why was my deposit not successful?
QWhy don’t I see my bank listed in the Interac Online options?
QWhy do I need to set a Weekly Deposit Limit?
Q Do I need to set a Weekly Deposit Limit to play for free?
Q How can I withdraw cash from my PlayOLG account?
Q How long will it take my withdrawal to arrive in my bank account?
Q How do I view or amend the banking information on my account?
Q Are winnings taxed?
QCan I withdraw money from my PlayOLG account into someone else’s bank account?

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