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Gameplay FAQs

Q Why do I have to be in Ontario to play?
Q How do I know PlayOLG games are fair?
Q How do I know the numbers are randomly generated?
Q What are my chances of winning?
QWhat is Return to Player (RTP)?
Q Are age restrictions different for Lottery, Casino and Instant games?
Q Can I try a game before I purchase it?
Q Can I cancel my game?
Q Are there any system requirements to play the games?
Q Can I play on a mobile or tablet?
QCan I play on my Mac?
Q What is Flash and why do I need it?
QWhat happens if I don't complete the game I'm playing?
Q Can I play casino games with my friends?
Q Can retailers play on PlayOLG?
Q Where can I learn the rules to the games offered on PlayOLG?