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PlaySmart Tools

PlayOLG is committed to supporting players to make responsible and informed gambling choices. Informed players make informed decisions. That’s why PlayOLG features useful PlaySmart tools to help keep your gambling fun and entertaining.

You can find the tools below in the My PlaySmart Manager section of My Account.

My Limits

To help keep gambling fun and within your limits, PlayOLG has included several practical and customizable tools. For more information about how these features work and how they can add to your play experience, please visit our Limits page.

My Self-Check

Take this quiz within the My PlaySmart Manager section, to help you to better understand your gambling risk. Simply answer nine questions to discover what your gambling risk looks like.  

My Risk Profile

PlayOLG uses technology to provide you with feedback about your gambling. Within the ‘My PlaySmart Manager' section, you’ll find information about your gambling patterns and the risk associated with them as well as tips to reduce your risk of developing a problem. This way, you can recognize changes in your play that might indicate that you’re at higher risk for developing a gambling problem. 

My Breaks

If you wish to stop gambling on PlayOLG for periods ranging from one day to three months, you can use this option. If you’re on a Break, you’ll still be able to log into your account, but not to gamble. If you feel you want to stop gambling for a longer period of time, you may want to consider Self-Exclusion.



Remember that gambling is a form of entertainment. If you’re not having fun anymore, or if gambling is negatively affecting your life or interfering with your responsibilities, please visit the Finding Help page or contact PlayOLG Player Support, available 24/7 by chat or at 1-855-978-PLAY (7529).