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Youth & Gambling

PlayOLG takes a strong stance against underage gambling. We have a robust system of identity verification to help ensure that registration is restricted to eligible adults living in Ontario.  The risks of underage gambling have been documented, with evidence pointing to a link between gambling at a young age and unhealthy playing habits later in life.

Here are a few suggestions for parents to consider:

Recognize the signs that your kids may be gambling. They may:

  • Have friends who gamble regularly
  • Be obsessed with the results of professional sports
  • Often have dice, playing cards or lottery tickets
  • Lie or be secretive about gambling activities
  • Borrow or take money from others to gamble
  • Take money or possessions from the house

Talk to your kids early:  Begin a meaningful dialogue about the risks of gambling.  Visit PlayOLG’s page on talking to your kids for more information.

Keep your login information safe:  Ensure that your account information is secure.  Minors won’t be able to create their own account on PlayOLG, but parents should be mindful of the possibility that kids could access their accounts and passwords, or use parents’ credit cards and personal information to create a fraudulent account.

Consider downloading computer safeguards:  While content control tools may have their limitations, software is available that may block access to online gambling sites.  Some operating systems also have built-in parental controls.  However, parents should always remain aware of their kids’ online activity and keep an open dialogue.

Don’t make assumptions:  Underage gambling is not specific to any group, age, gender, or type of activity.

If you have immediate concerns about youth and gambling call the Ontario Problem Gambling Help Line at 1-888-230-3505.