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To help keep gambling fun and within your limits, PlayOLG has included several practical and customizable tools. You can set any of these Limits during registration or at anytime afterwards by accessing the My PlaySmart Manager section in My Account.  

Weekly Deposit Limit

This is the amount of money that you can deposit on a weekly basis. The purpose of this pre‑set Limit is to help you stay within a budget that is manageable for you. Setting this Limit is required for all our players and is part of the registration process.  

Session Time Limit

This lets you pre-set the amount of time that you can play a casino game. Once you reach your time limit, your game will be stopped. This stop allows you to consider whether you’re still having fun or if it’s time to move on to another activity.

Casino Loss Limit

For casino games, you can also set a Limit on the amount that you’re willing to lose online on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Remember to play for fun, not as a way to make money. To learn more about Casino Loss Limits, how they are calculated, and how they apply to certain table games (Texas Hold’Em, Fast Poker, War and Blackjack), please see our FAQs.

Lottery Purchase Limit

For lottery-related games, you can set a weekly Limit on the amount that you spend on lottery products online (e.g., LOTTO 6/49, LOTTO MAX).

If you decrease a Limit, your new lower Limit will take effect immediately. However, if you choose to raise a Limit, the increase will take effect seven calendar days later. This delay gives you the chance to reassess whether or not the limit increase is the right move for you.

Setting your money Limits

PlayOLG’s money Limits can help you stick to your personal budget. When setting your money Limits, it’s a good idea to consider how much you can realistically afford to spend and lose. Don’t forget to account for important expenses too, such as rent or mortgage payments, bills, tuition, childcare and other financial obligations. 

Remember, gambling is not a way to make money. It’s a form of entertainment, like a night out for dinner or going to a hockey game.

Setting your Session Time Limit

Losing track of time can happen when you’re playing any type of game. To get the most out of your Session Time Limit, consider how long you can afford to gamble as well as how much time you may have recently spent gambling. 

Your recent activity is accessible at all times through the My History section in My Account. Here you’ll find your recent gaming activity as well as a history of your balances, deposits and withdrawals. As well, you’ll find information about the amount that you wagered and won or lost for each session. To access your complete gambling history, simply make a request through PlayOLG Player Support, available 24/7 by chat or telephone at 1-855-978-PLAY (7529).

How to seek help

Remember that gambling is a form of entertainment. If you’re not having fun anymore, or if gambling is negatively affecting your life, please visit the Finding Help page or contact PlayOLG Player Support, available 24/7 by chat or at 1-855-978-PLAY (7529).