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Lottery Subscription FAQs

QI heard that LOTTO MAX is changing. How will the changes affect my LOTTO MAX subscription?
QWhat is a PLAYOLG online lottery subscription?
QHow many draws can I purchase in advance?
QHow do I choose my numbers?
QHow do I pay for a lottery subscription?
QIf I have a Lottery Subscription, does a Free Play replace my subscription purchase for the next scheduled draw?
QHow do I end my lottery subscription?
QI don’t have a PLAYOLG account but I want to buy a lottery subscription. Can I just pay for my tickets using a credit card/debit card/paypal?
QWhat happens if I have a subscription but I don’t have enough funds in my account to cover the purchase price for a draw?
QCan I purchase a subscription for my lottery group on PLAYOLG?
QWhat could prevent my lottery subscription from being fulfilled?